Do you make persuasive and compelling PowerPoints?

What if you could present your message consistently and perfectly
every time, with no live presenter, no setup, and no distractions?

You can . . . on the Web

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We take your PowerPoints from the meeting room to the web, adding professional narration and graphical updates.They deliver the message perfectly every time. No ad libs, no side tracks. Just your content.

  • Tell your story with an online program using using PowerPoint as the authoring tool.
  • Your "live" presentations become on-demand programs.
  • Anyone can view them online with no live presenter, no setup, and no organizing.
  • We output Flash or Mpeg movies to play from your website or intranet, on any desktop or notebook browser and most mobile devices.* They can also play on YouTube as videos!
  • Available world wide, across all time zones

This is an affordable way to put your story on the web with pictures and sound

    Who uses PPTtoWEB?
  • Consultants can create inexpensive "videos" built on PowerPoint to introduce themselves and their services to potential clients
  • Product and corporate image presentations go online for repeat performances
  • Sales Trainers can standardize lessons become available to view outside the classroom at anytime
  • HR and employee onboading, benefits explanations - Employees view programs online then ask questions in live meetings
  • Investory Relations - turn words on paper into a presentation that conveys more than cold text.
  • Non-profit Development - Many already use PowerPoint already, so no more ad-lib presentations - deliver a concise message followed by interaction for donor cultivation.

Give us a call to talk about how PPTtoWEB
can help you "get the word out."

Rick Johnson
Producer & Narrator
Court McKean
Graphic Artist & Animator
  call Rick at 415.300.0390
or Court at 408.489.6926
Or click info@PPTtoWEB.com